Airplane Travel with a Toddler Made Easy!

I figured it out. It was SO simple. It was one of those moments when you realize the answer to a dilemma was right there under your nose all along. (Where's that "Easy" button?!) Yes, I figured out the key to surviving a flight with a toddler who is a tasmanian devil with the attention span of a butterfly restless, curious, and easily bored.

We brought his backpack with crayons, coloring books, stickers, hot wheel cars, snacks and books. Each of those items lasted maybe 5 minutes (10 minutes tops!) before he practically rolled his eyes and tossed them aside.

He enjoyed watching his beloved Pingu and Disney/Pixar Cars on the little DVD player we bought for the trip. Best $60 we ever spent. We chose to buy a fairly inexpensive model, just in case it would get broke, but chose a familiar brand - Sylvania. The quality of the picture, sound, swivel screen and included carrying case seem worth more than the price. We bought it on Walmart.com  and highly recommend it.

However, after watching movies for almost an hour Isaac became restless as usual. Running out of ideas, items from the backpack and patience, I fumbled around in my purse and found a pad of star-shaped post-it notes that I'd picked up at the office supply store awhile back.

You'd have thought Santa delivered the most-wanted-coolest new toy directly into his gooey little hands! Isaac busied himself with decorating the window, walls, seat, his Daddy, and himself for the better part of 20-30 minutes! He loved that he could slap them anywhere, and easily peel them off and re-position them! Why didn't I think of this sooner? 

Note to self:  Save any/all specialty-shaped promotional post-it notes left by salesmen at work (we get house-shaped, heart-shaped, etc) and check dollar stores, office stores for various shaped post it notes before leaving on any road trip or air travel!

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