Hello in the Box?! Anybody In There?!

Yes - I'm still out here in my little patch of the Chicago 'Stickburbs'....Still alive and kicking! Have just had a lot going on, and a lot on my mind...

Just when I thought I had this working mom thing figured out....I went and totally changed my schedule at work. Yikes! I went from 10:30am-5pm to working 8am to 2pm. Sounds perfect, huh? Getting off earlier in the afternoon....more time to spend with Isaac and get things done around the house. Well, throw in training a new person (and going in early & staying late as needed), traveling for the holidays (Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, 3 Christmases - one at home, one weekend in Canada and one weekend in Cincinnati again), catching up on doctors appointments and then our whole family being sick the last couple weeks - it's been a wild ride! I keep wondering where November and December went so quickly!

It's been kind of tough...the new person I'm training at work has been a bit of a challenge (She needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, but she seems to be working it out..*crossing my fingers*). It seems that Isaac hit that stubborn-terrible-twos stage just before the holidays, so all of the travel and our schedule change has made parenting a real challenge for both my husband and me. I've been stressed both at work and home, and running on empty.

I did get that Nook Color for Christmas! *Blowing Santa a Kiss* I gotta say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Reading books and magazines is even more fun now! I just wish People Magazine would offer an E-Mag for Nook!

We are almost done with our laundry room makeover. Still need to do a little finish and trim work and soon I'm going to post the Before and After. We got new dishes, new pots & pans for our kitchen and have been re-organizing our cabinets.

I am finally getting caught up at work. If I can just get into the rythym of this new schedule and get caught up at home (cleaning, organizing, blogging, etc) I'll be feeling good for the new year. Doesn't help that hubby travels off and on, leaving me with my hands full with Isaac, our Big Lucie dog, and the house. Yikes!

I don't like to make true - all or nothing - New Year's resolutions. There are some things I'd like to accomplish in the short run....
- Re-join Weight Watchers. (We're trying to get the at-work program back at the office)
- Start working out 3x a week after work.
- Get back on a regular blogging schedule of at least 1-2 posts a week.
- Get back to a decent routine of cleaning, cooking, playing part-time Susie Homemaker

In the Grand scheme of things - for this year:
- Make some important decisions with hubby about our spiritual life. We have been considering a change of church, and it's been difficult. We've been wavering but need to do something.
- Work on my OCD/OCPD and the mild depression I've been dealing with for the last couple of years. I am very private about this for the most part - so I don't talk about it on my blog a lot. I have good days and tough days, but I am surviving. I am not on any type of meds, nor am I seeing a professional for any of it. I just take it one day at a time and find strength in my faith and from my amazing, patient, loving husband. It is my goal to become brave enough to seek some counseling this year. Staying busy helps...but it also makes it easy to procrastinate and put it off.

Hope all of you are doing well - have had happy holidays, and have a good start to a wonderful happy new year!

I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that blogging brings. I hope to re-connect with my blog friends in 2011 and make this a great new year!

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