Confession Time....

Confession Time....

I recently had to kick my  own butt a comin-to-Jesus-meetin' with myself. Yup, it was time. Since Isaac came home, I have completely fallen off my healthy eating plan, and in the last 9 months since I started working again, I stopped working out. I've been so busy trying to balance everything, I sorta forgot the commitment I made to myself to become and STAY healthy. Confession - I've put back on about 25 of the 40 lbs I lost during the adoption process...Not Good! Went back up a size in jeans. EVEN WORSE!


So hubby and I joined the WeightWatchers At Work program through my office. I am so thankful that my company is allowing him to be a part of our program! It's great - we have the cost deducted automatically from my paycheck, and my company will reimburse 50% of the cost to me, once we complete the 13 weeks for which we signed up. EVEN BETTER - Hubby's benefits will reimburse 50% also...so if we stick with it,  it'll pay for itself!! NO EXCUSES!

I have also started to work out in the company gym at work. It's small but we have 2 treadmills, 2 elipticals, 2 spin bikes, full weights, yoga mats, balls, DVD and satellite tv. Even better---when I get off work at 2:30pm - I'm the only one in there!

Another confession....We also bought The Michael Jackson Experience Wii Game. This is such a freaking blast - and it is a great workout! I kicked hubby's butt at it the other nite! We had so much fun Friday night dancing like fools in our living room. It was like doing an hour of intense cardio, but it was a lot of fun and went by so fast! I also have Wii Fit plus...and am planning on dusting it off and actually using it more.

Weight Watchers new plan - Points Plus - is totally new. We've heard people are really losing more weight and keeping it off than with the old plan. We are trying to re-learn everything we know about healthy eating, and how we can eat the most healthy but delicious food we can for the points we have. Almost all fruits and veggies are 0 points now, and carbs have gone up in points...so we're reaching for a lot healthier snacks these days!

Wednesdays are our meeting/weigh-in days. Can't wait to see how I've done this week. I am also setting a goal--when I get to 10lbs lost, I'm getting a pedicure!

Lots going on at work....the new gal I trained has decided to quit, after 1 month. May not be a total loss in the end due to her attitude issues -- but SO aggravating and will turn my worklife upside down for awhile....bummer!--Now I have to help interview and hire her replacement. Then I will have to help hire a replacement for myself...I am getting a promotion from HR assistant to Recruiter! I am looking forward to that because part of my job now is playing receptionist, although 90% of my day is doingHR...but I'll get off the phones and away from the day-long interruptions and into my own office! Praying the stress of the transition period doesn't kill me and that I don't give in to emotional eating! (Workout=Stressbuster! Must remember!)

What goals or transitions are you working on? What are your tips for managing stress or transition? Balancing healthy eating, working out, parenting and raising kids? Any tips or ideas you can share?

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Penelope said...

Well hello there Retro Girl it's been YEARS! I too have seemingly abandoned my healthy eating habits put on 20 lbs and a pant size YIKES!! Spent my first winter in the northern climate and we too got TONS of snow! Do you still have your mini? How did she do in the snow?? Anyway just wanted to send a quick hulo as I enter back into the blogger world yet again :)


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