Sneak Preview of Super Bowl XLV Chevy Ads!

Chevy has some really cool Super Bowl ads! As a BzzAgent I have been given an exclusive preview of their really cool commercials. Whether you're a Steelers or a Packers fan, like Football or the Super Bowl at all - you know you love the Super Bowl commercials. Everybody looks forward to them and shares them with their friends.

Check out a few Chevy commercials that I really like. Besides being funny, really relevant and current, I learned that Chevy is really making strides in technology, becoming more user friendly AND being eco-friendly with their new electric car! How cool is that?!

Check out these cool commercials. Share my blog post & the videos with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and email if you enjoy them!!

First - Are you a Packers or Steelers fan? Vote for your favorite team using the Chevy Momentum Meter! Show Your Team Pride!!

Are you a Transformers Fan? Like action & excitement? Check this out!!  I heard there is a hidden commercial within a commercial for android...can you spot it?

Hear your Facebook Status through your Bluetooth and your radio in your car?! Woah! Is this distracted driving or just the latest technology and totally safe?! Check it out and YOU Decide!!!

This one is cute & funny - reminds me of Lassie. Wish my car would tell me when there's a disaster brewing, or help me save the world!!

Volt - the new Electric car from Chevrolet - AMAZING Stuff! Earth-friendly too!

Can you use your cell phone as a remote control for your car?! Wow--Now you can, apparently--Check it out! If you love your Droid or iPhone and all the latest APPS - this is for YOU!!

You can watch more cool Chevy Super Bowl Ads and see the latest buzz among the Packers and Steelers Fans at their YouTube channel

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