Wild Friday Night - I'm getting too old for this stuff!

My husband sure knows how to show a girl a good time on a Friday night. We had such a whirlwind date, my head is still spinning.

We started the evening by going through McDonald's drive through. (He sure knows how to wine and dine a gal, huh?) Then we went to the local urgent care clinic to get his arm looked at....and wound up at the emergency room all night. Yup, this is some romantic stuff, here!

About a week ago, hubs jammed his thumb and it split his thumbnail. It was really sore but seemed okay. A few days later, he was waking at night with it throbbing. I told him if it didn't stop, perhaps he should go have it x-rayed to make sure he didn't have a fracture or something. Then we had the huge blizzard in Chicagoland. He spent a whole day off and on shoveling, using a snow blower, etc. He was understandably tired, achy and sore. He had a bit of chills and fever, and thought maybe it was from exposure to the cold. His right arm kept aching and he thought it was from over-doing it with the snow removal. He took ibuprophen for the pain, until it got really bad and rooted through our medicine cabinet and found a muscle relaxer left over from a back injury last year. That seemed to ease the pain a bit.

Friday evening he came home from work, complaining that his thumb and arm hurt really bad. He showed me how his thumb looked swollen. We debated whether he should go to the urgent care clinic on Saturday morning, or whether we might hurry and go before they close. He took off his long sleeved shirt and was shocked to see big swollen red blotches near the inner elbow, where his arm was sore. I reached out to touch it and he about jumped through the roof, it was so painful. We hurried and grabbed Isaac and his portable dvd player and backpack with toys and art supplies and off we went.

The urgent care center nurse told him that she could immediately tell it was an infection and she wanted us to get to the ER right away. She said they may or may not keep him, but they would want to get him on antibiotics immediately. She marked the edges of the affected areas with a pen so the ER docs could track the swelling/spreading.

So we left and I dropped him off at the ER, and headed home with Isaac, calling the babysitter on the way to meet me at home. It was 8:30 pm when I left the babysitter putting Isaac to bed and headed back to the ER, very nervous. I was scared it might be MRSA (pronounced Mersa) which can be dangerous. Hubby was checked in right away and the triage nurse saw him briefly. She said his blood pressure was very high, and he had a fever of 100.9 , but back to the lobby he was sent to wait as I returned. The lobby was jammed full of smelly, sick people. Most of the people there seemed to be there with cold/flu symptoms (which frankly pisses me off...clogs up the ER with things that aren't always true emergencies and can be seen by regular doctors or urgent care clinic staff).

We waited and waited until 11:30pm when finally we were taken back to a treatment room, and in shuffles this doctor who was severely stooped over and appeared to be 100 years old. This made me nervous. He examined hubby and told him he had Cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin. We could see that it was spreading beyond the circle of ink the urgent care nurse had drawn on his skin earlier. Doc and hubby talked and the Doctor said it must have entered the body through that split in the nail most likely. He said it spreads fast, is not contagious (thank God!), but can be excrutiatingly painful and is important to treat it right away. They immediately gave him an IV with antibiotics. We sat waiting while the machine ran this through his system for 30 minutes. He was then released with a prescription for two strong antibiotics and told to immediately get to Walgreens to get them and start taking them right away. We texted the babysitter after midnight to tell her we'd be home shortly.

We got bottles of Nesquik while waiting for the Rx at the pharmacy...what a night cap. Finally we were home at 12:30am and I then had to go back out and drive the babysitter home. (This made the third back/forth journey to the neighboring town for the night on narrow snowy icy roads...ugh!). By this time I was about comotose with exhaustion.

I fell asleep about 1:30am finally. Then I woke suddenly at 3:00am to the worst, hardest, tightest charley horse I've ever had in my calf. Screaming in pain, I massaged it, tapped it and tried to get the muscle to release to no avail. I almost fell flat on my face when I tried to get up and walk. I drifted in and out of sleep after that. Isaac woke at 5:30am crying and screaming for whatever reason...poor tired hubby went to pat his back and try to get him back asleep. Then the garbage truck and recycling trucks came at 6:30 and woke me again...and hubby & Isaac were up for the day. OH.MY.GAWD. I laid in bed till about 8am - exhausted, unable to really sleep, leg aching, head feeling like I had a hangover. Needless to say I've felt like hell all day today.

Hubby's arm is starting to look better already. It is still red and puffy, but less. The infection only spread a bit beyond the ink borders and held steady. It's not painful to the touch anymore and the fever has subsided. He's taking the meds, and we're hoping it goes away. I know two people who've had this and had it get much worse....so I'm praying. They say it could take a week to ten days for it to totally leave his system.

I think I've had enough excitement for one weekend! I'm getting too old for this stuff. Just let me go lie down. (Something I've not really been able to do in almost 2 years since I became a mom....)

How about you?! What's your weekend like? Fun, and relaxing I hope!

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Michelle said...

That infection sounds extremely scary. I'm glad he is alright! I have had charlie horses like that. They are awful! I hope you get some rest tonight.


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