Drowning...Sending out an SOS!

I'm barely keeping my head above water these days. How do you seasoned working-blogging-moms do it?! -- work, clean, do laundry, menu-plan, shop, cook, blog, raise children, have a hobby/interest, workout, keep your relationship w/hubby alive, and keep your sanity? What are your tricks/tips? Would someone please tell me, because I'm drowning here.

Do you get up at 4am every day and stay up until midnight?! I am not a morning person. The earliest I can get up is 5:45am to roll into the shower, barely coherent and cranky most days. I get myself ready and we're out the door by 7am, unless hubby is taking little guy to daycare, and then I get a few minutes extra to myself and leave at 7:30am for work.

I am not a night owl either, as I once was. Especially lately. My part-time job has turned into full-time for the last month or so since we've been short staffed...and I'm actually doing 3 jobs. (4 if you count training 2 new staff members!) My work day is super stressful and by the time we get home, rush through dinner, bath/bedtime etc...I'm falling asleep on the couch by 9pm many nights. I am just drained, physically, mentally and emotionally. After dealing with email that is rolling/beeping like a slot machine all day, and hearing "could you, would you, can you, did you" all day - the last thing I have energy for is blogging...or cleaning...or anything

I do laundry several times a week in the evenings, but my once OCD-clean house is now just sorta clean. (it's killing me too!). Thankfully my hubby cooks, as he often winds up cooking several meals per week.

I haven't been able to work out lately, but have lost 8.8 lbs with Weight Watchers Points Plus program in 5 weeks. I've been foods I like but in moderation, and eating more fruits/veggies and whole grains and making healthier substitutions. I'm struggling to adjust to their new program, which is more carb-restrictive, but I'm getting there.

It takes me 2 months to read a book lately. We use a credit card to pay for everything and just pay it off in full every month to save from constantly writing multiple checks for all our monthly bills. Saves so much time and we are earning travel/hotel miles by doing it.

I still am struggling with the blues now and then which I believe is a combination of hormones/perimenopause and post-adoption blues and being so overwhelmed by work, motherhood, stress, and the fact that I hate living in Chicagoland. (Factor in a hubby who travels quite often, too) It will be 2 years on April 4th since I became a mom. It has been two of the happiest years of my life but it has been two of the hardest years of my life, honestly.

Anyway....my point, and yes I did have one, lol - was that I've been treading water and lately I'm drowning, and I need a rope! I feel like my life is a speeding crazy train, gone out of control, and I'm powerless to slow it down or stop it.  Anyone out there that can provide any advice, support or at least commiserate?!


kim said...

I honestly have no advice for you but just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I am right there with you, just add a heaping dose of mommy guilt because I feel I'm not doing all I should/could be doing at my oldest son's school.
It will get better :)

Penelope said...

Unfortunately I don't really have much advice either but have found an occasional glass of wine and a bubble bath can help a little to unwind (grant it hubby will need to be on kid duty for a little while) also, crock pot meals are fantastic and usually can be prepared the night before and put in the fridge and just pulled out and popped into to crock the next morning. How old is your little one? Sometimes the going over to a friend's house can be a savior even if just for a couple of hours AND advice for work as hard as it is, is to just do what you can do and leave it at the door when you leave (so much easier said than done, I NEVER leave work when I'm suppose to and I'm ALWAYS the first one there I HATE leaving anything unfinished). Mostly, just take a DEEP breath and look at what you have, where you've progressed and the love you have with and in your family and know that nothing's perfect and while OCD cleanliness (I'm an OCD clean FEIND!!) is awesome, with children (and men it seems) it something that can be impossible but is not necessary. (HUGE HUG) It'll get better if I was closer I'd offer you a day off from cleaning, laundry and dinner!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's why I only work part time (6.5 hours a day). It's still a lot sometimes and I get overwhelmed! I also hardly ever watch tv. It's nice now that my oldest is driving so I don't have to drive her around all over.

Celeste and Tom said...

Sometimes I feel like you do, especially in the spring & fall (my hubby is a farmer.) I do not know how you would feel, but would you consider a cleaning lady? This is a suggestion that I also need to do more often, but is there someone who could play with your son on weekends or evenings while you are at home so you could do a few things around the house? It sounds like you need a little break. Hang in there.


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