Fab Vintage Finds...

I love Saturdays where we do a little retro-vintage wandering. Had a chili-dog lunch at a nearby retro drive-in restaurant, and then visited a few antique shops.

I was looking for a few more odds-n-ends for my cubicle at work, which I've started decorating with a retro theme. I've got framed vintage magazine ads, a 50's inspired bubble lamp, and some smart Anne Taintor-style retro prints I made myself, using some cutouts from a few of my 1950's Woman's Day maganzines. (I'll have to post some pics of my cubicle soon...)

I didn't find anything for my cubicle today, however I did find a really fab little metal shelf for my kitchen. I've been wanting to add a few more vintage items to the kitchen (so I can junk up the house some more, according to Mr. Hottie). I've got it sitting on my 50's cracked-ice formica cabinet for now. It can be hung on the wall and actually has 2 hooks on the underside for pot holders.

I bought a few vintage spice containers and one reproduction (aka fake made in China...can you tell which one it is? Upper Left....) because I thought it was cute. I threw some of my mom's old cookie cutters on it for now...until I find something else I want to put on it.

Print on upper left is a Kerry Beary - my fave Artist!

I need to find a way to display my vintage aprons...I have several. I have heard of others sewing them together or pinning and using as a kitchen window valance. Not sure if I want to go that route. Any ideas for vintage aprons, ladies? Would love to see some links to pictures showing vintage apron collections and how they're displayed if anyone out there has them or has seen them.

Would also love to see a photo of your recent vintage finds...or how you display your collection of your fave things - share a link!

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Amanda said...

Have u found any ideas yet?


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