Family Day - 2 Years!

We celebrated our Family Day this past weekend. Hard to believe that it has been 2 whole years since we traveled to S. Korea to meet our precious son, and bring him home to Chicago to start our family.

Our significant dates:
March 31 - the day we met our son in person for the first time.
April 3 - the day we took custody of him in Seoul.
April 4 - the day we arrived back in Chicago, and crossed through immigration with our son and started our new lives as a family.

Last year our first Family Day fell on Easter weekend, so we celebrated our first family day with my family in Cincinnati, with an Easter egg hunt, Korean and American food and lots of love and laughter.

This year, we celebrated by taking our little guy to the Legoland discovery center. We saw a 4-D movie, enjoyed a dragon boat ride, a miniature Chicago made entirely of Legos, and lots of other fun stuff. We had lunch and just enjoyed each others' company. Our little guy had a great time. Took a few photos - but haven't had time to download them from hubby's camera.

Hard to believe it's been 2 whole years already, and that my son will be 3 yrs old in June. Hard to believe the child who came to the USA at 10 months old never having heard English is now the most advanced talker and one of the smartest kids in his daycare class, according to the director. He is healthy, happy and thriving. We are so blessed to have him as our son. This is a very sentimental time of year for me. A time that I reflect and pray for Ike's birth parents, his foster family and for all of the waiting adoptive families and waiting children.

We are really looking forward to Easter, and visiting my family again. Can't wait to see the joy and wonder in Ike's eyes as he hunts for eggs with his Papaw, and to see my family's surprise over how much he's grown and talks since they all last saw him at Christmas.

Can't wait to celebrate his 3rd birthday in June...and the other little joys, triumphs, milestones and things that come with being Ike's family. We are truly, truly blessed!

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Nicki Babysits said...

That is awesome that he's doing so well! Clearly he has wonderful parents! You are all very lucky to have each other.:D


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