Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living (Review)

Full Title:  Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living - Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it.  Available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble

I was given a chance to preview a copy of this E-book, and read Chapter 20 - "Meal Planning - Not Just For the Control Freaks".  This is a book by Heather Solos, author of the blog Home-Ec 101: Skills For Everyday Living
Chapter 20 - 'Meal Planning' gives common sense ideas and tips for those who are not used to planning out meals, cooking, or making grocery lists. Heather instructs the reader to clean off their tables and counters and ease into it - to worry about the nutrition side of it later, until you get the hang of making a simple basic meal plan. Then you can start working on more nutritional choices.

The author gives 3 weeks worth of helpful meal ideas, and even a couple of recipes in this chapter. Heather advises to cook in batches so that you'll have extra food to work into other dinners, to do Planned-Overs (planned left overs) to make your weekly meal planning easier and faster. She even suggests a weekly template or plan such as Taco Tuesdays, Soup & Sandwich Saturdays, Pasta Night to make it easier - you just choose a variety of dishes and sides that fit into the categorgies to keep it fresh and avoid a rut. Heather also reminds us that adding more color to your meals will mean you're getting more vegetables and eating healthier!
Most of what she offers in this chapter is pretty basic, is common sense and things that many of us already know but sometimes due to our busy lives just don't think about. This chapter puts it in perspective and is a quick easy informative read, with a dash of humor to make it fun.
I think this book would be great for younger moms or wives who are new at managing a household and family, the college set - new to living on their own, and also very busy families who are trying to get a little order and organization into their lives.
Love the fun, funky retro inspired graphics on the cover and in the pages - it adds to the fun, quirky sort of no-nonsense conversational-style of Heather's writing. Definitely worth a read. I was not familiar with her blog before hearing about this book - something to definitely check out! I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book and more of her blog! Wish the blog had the same colorful retro theme as the book's graphics - it really adds to the overall appeal of the book!
(I received a complimentary E-Copy of Chapter 20 of this book from One-2-One Network in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated or asked/required to write a positive review or promotion. This is solely my opinion.)

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Marsha S said...

Love your review!
I also just rec'd chapter 20, but I was hooked.
I love living the frugal simple type lifestyle. I had so much reading this chapter out loud to my 14 yr old, and so did she.
I am buying the book....in hopes of instilling in her more of what she sees me doing every day anyway!


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