Another Adoption....

I know, I know - it's been For-Ev-Er since I've blogged regularly. Life has just gotten...in the way.  Been working so hard at my new position as a healthcare recruiter...trying to squeeze 40+ hours worth of work into 30 hours has been tough.

I can hardly believe my precious baby turned 3 years old on June 15th!!! Yes - can  you believe it? Seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the call to fly to S. Korea, and here he is 3 years old. Time flies too fast! He's doing great, just moved up to the 3's room at his dayschool. He's quite a talker, has a fun sense of humor and loves cars, trains, water and animals.

I have been getting baby envy again lately....my friend who works remotely for my company brings her little baby girl in when she comes to the office for WeightWatchers at work each week, and I love playing with her. She's so adorable!! I'd love to have a daughter still, but unfortunately South Korea will not allow us to adopt there again - simply because I am 3 years older than their maximum age allowed for adoptive parents. Despite that we already passed a year long inquisition and successfully adopted a precious Korean boy, are financially sound, and healthy. I will never understand the political bullshit behind these stupid laws. You'd think they would want a Korean adoptee child to have a sibling of their same ethnicity/culture. Oh well....

When browsing the internet last week, I came across a picture that melted my heart. A 3 month old baby boy, waiting for a forever family. When I saw the picture, and the family resemblance, I was hooked - a total sucker. I had to meet this little guy. So this past Saturday we went to meet him and became his forever family! His name is Rocket.

He looks just like Big Lucie!! See the resemblance? See below:

At first Lucie didn't know what to make of him....She growled a few times. But over the last few days, she has really warmed up to him. She even let him have one of her toys, a ratty raccoon un-stuffed-animal toy. Now, they love herding each other and chasing each other through our big back yard. Ike loves Rocket - says it is "my puppy only, mommy!". (Yeah ol' mom will remember that when she's up letting the puppy out in the middle of the night and cleaning up after him LOL)

I've been calling them Big & little .... or Thing 1 and Thing 2....heheh!

The other cool thing this summer, so far, is that my hubby is helping me build a little private garden area on the side of the house. He got some iron fencing to close it off, and we're slowly digging away the grass to make it all mulch. Then I'm going to plant hostas, ferns, and shade plants on the shady side, and plant butterfly attracting perennials on the other. I found a great peeling/rusty old 50's-ish metal garden chair as my inspiration. I'm gonna fill it with old rusty garden junque and lots of plants, maybe a little water feature and make it my little place to hide out and chill. 

I've also turned my little covered porch into a cute little outdoor room, with a great outdoor rug, metal glider, chair, and garden-y decor...will have to post pictures soon of this and the garden when it gets done or closer to done.

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