My Summer in Rewind...

Hope everyone has been having a great summer! We sure have, between severe storms and power outages, crazy work schedules and getting that new puppy Rocket. I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!
Highlights of our summer:
  • Ike turns 3 and moves to the 3s room at daycare/school.
  • I have my birthday and refuse to believe this new strange-sounding number that is supposedly my age! I demand a re-count!
  • Ike sees his first movie-theater movie - Gnomeo & Juliet. A Movie Junkie is born.
  • We went to Legoland and see our first 4-D movie. Love the snow flakes!
  • Ike learns to brush his teeth with big boy toothpaste
  • We get a new puppy, Rocket
  • We spend Saturdays wandering IL and WI - Junkin' and I build my junk garden

  • Mr. Hottie trades his car and gets a new  bright blue Nissan Juke
  • Took Ike to see Cars 2 and Rio - both in 3D. He wore the glasses in Rio but not in Cars...which surprised me.
  • Again - we have NO summer vacation. 
  • We visit Canada (my in-laws) and take Ike to Marineland and Niagara Falls on our super rushed 3 day "psuedo-vacation".
  • I had a minor car accident - no one is hurt. Guy I bump into inflates claim & sorta frauds my insurance company and gets away with it. (Jerk!)
  • We visit the Milwaukee Zoo
  • Ike's new phrase "Trust Me...." (Uh Oh... a little politician in the making?)
  • Puppy loses first baby tooth.
  • Lucie dog has a mystery lump on her head and a cancer scare. Turns out it was nothing serious.

  • We go to Touch a Truck event. Later my friend at work takes Ike to his fire station for a private tour and to 'drive' all the trucks - he is in absolute heaven!
  • Work going strong...my hours increase (but still no official full time or PTO). I rarely get a day off and still have no vacation.
  • Visited the Klehm Arboretum for a relaxing Saturday
  • Visited the Illinois Railway Museum
  • My niece found out she is pregnant and is having a boy! What a blessing!! A great way for someone we love to make use of so many toddler clothes/items we had from Ike!
It's been a fairly fun, busy summer all in all. It has definitely flown by that's for sure. Sadly we have not had a chance to get back to Kentucky to visit friends or my beloved Lexington. We haven't had time to go into Chicago for a day - we missed the Korean Street Festival, and haven't hit the water parks this summer. Bummer! But it's not over yet - so more to come.

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