Light Up The Night: OXO Candela Glow Review

When you have a sudden power outage - do you know where your flashlight or candles are? Does burning candles around small children and pets make you nervous? It makes me really nervous to burn candles with an overly active 3 year old, a big dog with a long powerful tail and now a rambunctious puppy. We've had several power outages over this past year - between sudden thunderstorms, to severe windstorms that destroyed trees, power lines and homes to the massive blizzard this past winter. I sure would've loved to have a rechargable light - instead of worrying over burning candles, and running out of flashlight batteries after 4 days of no power and finding the local hardware store wiped out of D-cells.

I am so glad to be a BzzAgent and be fortunate enough to be introduced to great products like OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights. I wish I would've known about them when we had the Blizzard or this last power outage that lasted 3 days.

OXO Candela Glow lights are so cool. They stay glowing for a full 8 hours after being fully charged. They're portable, stay cool to the touch, safe around children and pets and safe to leave unattended. As soon as the power goes out - they illuminate right on the base so you can easily see them in the dark and enjoy their beautiful glow. They're great for indoor or outdoor use as well.

I received a set of 2 with the charging base to try, from BzzAgent.  The directions say when you first receive them - charge for 14 hours. Next turn them on, and allow them to run down by themselves (says approx. 8 hours - mine stayed lit probably about 10 hrs!) and then to repeat this cycle once more and they're ready for use. They suggest to repeat this every 2 months to maximize battery life.

We love these lights! They give such a warm ambient glow to your space. We thought the amount of light was just right - not too bright, and not too dim. They go with any decor - they look perfect with our retro-modern style. We thought of all the ways you might want to use them:
  • Power Outages
  • Night Light for child
  • Guest Bathroom when overnight guests are visiting
  • Romantic Dinners
  • Low lighting for watching movies (scary movies included!)
  • Camping
  • Outdoors  - dining or relaxing on the patio or front porch.
  • Relaxing lighting for bubble bath time (Please remember - do not use your Candela Glow near the tub to be safe!)
  • Ambient light as decor for a party
  • Meditation/Prayer time
You can buy OXO Candela Glow lights in sets of 2, 4, or 8. They also have demi glow (smaller sized candela) and childrens night lights. See all the Candela Products Here. You can buy them at OXO's website, at Amazon.com and some other retailers (Check stores selling OXO products HERE). The set of 2 retails for about $39.99. This may seem a bit pricey but for the quality, the fact that they are rechargeable and last 8 hours (or more, I have found) and can be used again and again - vs the cost of candles (as well as the risk!) and the cost of flashlight batteries and bulbs....it really isn't that much.

What ways would you use a Candela Glow rechargeable light?

Disclosure: I received a set of 2 OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights to use and try in exchange for my honest opinion.  We were not required to give a positive review and received no monetary compensation. I am a BzzAgent and with my membership often receive samples, products and coupons to share for my experience and opinions. You can become a BzzAgent too - by visiting www.bzzAgent.com

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