Back in Survival Mode...and Rolling with the Changes!

My life has always been all about change....whether I am the one making the changes, or the one adjusting and adapting to changes made by others in my life. Constant changes. Change drives me crazy, yet I thrive on change, if that makes any sense.

It's been awhile since I blogged about myself and my life and I really miss that. Part of that has been because of my hectic busy lifestyle as a working mom and part of it has been because of some events that have happened in the last year in my life. These were some very private things that were difficult for me to deal with and put me back into what I often refer to as "Survival Mode". Now many changes are happening in my life again as a result...so I'm still in "Survival Mode", but things are starting to fall into place, slowly, and I'm looking toward yet another new beginning.

I recently started to post about some of the changes....but I decided to delete the post for personal safety/security reasons. There is an unstable person out there who needs to remember the legal consequences of contacting, inquiring about or continuing to passively stalk my family in any way, shape or form! It really ticks me off, quite frankly, that I feel I have to censor myself on my own blog. I refuse to take it down or start a new blog because of a sociopathic moron. I have had this blog a LONG time - since 2005, and am the One the Original Retro Girl: Surviving The Suburbs. I'm going to, however, be a bit more cautious about specific details about our life from now on.

Here's a song that comes to mind...It's the chorus that says it all...courtesy of The Dixie Chicks and Sony BMG music. 

But any old too, we are in a period of transition....living in two places, new job for hubby, new school for our little guy, Ike. I'm still working and just making the best of this temporary situation until we are fully moved to nunya. (Nunya is short for NunyaDamnbusiness! LOL).

The biggest challenge is jockeying between our big house and our small, cramped, temporary residence. I am praying the time goes fast and we'll be in our new place, with plenty of room to breathe and for our big dog to run freely in the backyard. Walking a big dog in rain or cold temps is getting old. The new place has a lovely hot tub built into the deck...I'm really looking forward to that!

It's really interesting trying to cook and bake in the temp residence without my nice cookware, flatware and a dishwasher. I'm learning to be very resourceful and creative with what I have on hand, and with dollar store finds. It reminds me of when I was young and on my own for the first time, and really makes me appreciate what I've grown accustomed to having now. It makes the times I'm back in our house feel luxurious!

We've been through this before, but not with a child...a child with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Surprisingly Ike has been doing better than we thought, and is coping with changes in routine and transitions fairly well. He still has the occasional SPD-Mini-Meltdown and "quirks". Bedtime is a bit of a struggle, but kids with SPD typically have sleep/bedtime issues, so this is not a huge surprise for us. Otherwise, he's doing pretty darn good. I attribute that to our fabulous Occupational Therapist who has taught him some coping mechanisms, and his great teachers at preschool/kids club who also taught him some self-regulation techniques. It's always going to be a work in progress, living with a child with SPD. We just learn to take it one day  moment at a time and adapt, re-adjust strategies as we go, and savor the good days and joyful moments as they come.

So many new adventures are yet to come. I just keep reminding myself of how far I've come, how much change I've endured and conquered in the past -- that I can do it again. Just gotta stay in faith and when the going gets tough - just give it all to God. He is my strength when I am weak.

I will maybe share some of my tips for living, cooking and keeping house in dual residences. It is never a dull moment I tell ya!


Brittany Perdue said...

I hope your move goes quickly! I just bought a house myself and as smooth and seemless as the whole moving scene played out inmy mind, when it came to the actual move it was anything but! We're all settled now, even moved my horses up FINALLY :) (sorry closest thing to kids I have!) but I couldn't imagine it with a real kid! so much adjusting and so much STUFF! amazing what we accumulate without even knowing it! I'm so sorry I fell off the face of the blogger earth hopefully I'll be able to rectify that situation (you too!)

Retro Girl said...

What was your blog name/online name? - Trying to remember….


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