Exciting new BzzCampaign - Covergirl & Olay Are At it Again!

It's been awhile since I had a good BzzCampaign. I am really looking forward to trying the new foundation and pressed powder from Covergirl and Olay! Their new Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation is designed to help smooth the appearance of rough skin, and hydrate and improve your skin over time. They say that it covers skin discolorations, wrinkles and lines too - something I am really interested in since I suffer from Melasma. I currently use a very expensive full coverage foundation to even out my spots….I'd love to find a product that is a bit more affordable, and that doesn't look so heavy on the skin. I am also looking for a good pressed powder that doesn't look heavy and that doesn't cake, and blends well. I can't wait to try this new Covergirl/Olay products!

Update 9/13/2012 - Here's the Scoop.

The foundation applies very smoothly with a foundation brush. It has a pleasant clean scent. It is very lightweight feeling on the skin. You can go light for sheer coverage, or apply a little more for full coverage. It blends really well, doesn't look caked or heavy. With the pressed powder, it has staying power for pretty much the whole day. I have been using it almost a month and I haven't noticed a major improvement in my skin - but I have noticed that my face feels softer and more smooth. It is hard for me to judge whether it really evens skin tone or lightens discolorations because I use a gel product designed to lighten melasma spots, daily and am seeing very slow, subtle results from that already.

My only negative is that the pressed powder came with a very flimsy cheap round applicator pad. I wouldn't even call it a sponge. I threw that away and use with either a fluffy powder brush or a round makeup sponge that I bought separately. I felt like Covergirl could provide a better applicator for the powder. Otherwise - I give both products an overall good rating - a thumbs up. Great price, good product that looks good, provides good coverage and looks natural.

Another hit for Covergirl and Olay! I would recommend this product to any gal who wants to look good without breaking the bank, and wants to use a product that makes her skin look and feel great.

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