Autumn Crafting - Owl Pumpkin

Here is my entry for the annual pumpkin decorating contest at my office. I now work remotely so I had to make it and email photos to my fellow HR team members. We have remote employees across the country who enter via email every year - and the pumpkins are usually very creative.  I hope they like my idea this year! I wanna win the prize! :)   

Yep this is how I spend my Friday nights now…

Owl Pumpkin © 2012 Retrogirl

I have never been much on cutting up pumpkins - the smell makes me kind of nauseous (I guess I have a few sensory issues of my own! LOL) and I don't like handling the glop that comes out of the pumpkin either. I wanted to do something cute and autumn-inspired since the pumpkin will adorn our home for awhile.

I wish now, however, I had taken tutorial type photos for this blog post!  I can tell you the materials I used for the pumpkin and give you a general how to:

  • One Large Oval Pumpkin
  • Two sheets of craft foam - orange and brown
  • Bunch of silk autumn leaves on branch (cut off all leaves at stem)
  • Two large silk sunflowers (flower heads removed from stem). Probably 6-8" diameter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Long dressmakers Pins
  • Yellow acrylic craft paint
  • Pigment ink stamp pad - in rusty brown
  • White cardstock circles & sharpie for the eyes

I started out by figuring out placement of the eyes and cut out a piece of brown foam for the head piece/ears. I found a few templates on Google Images and just sort of improvised. I left about 1/2" stem on the flowers, and poked a hole with a screw into the pumpkin flesh, and then hot glued the flowers in the hole.  Next I positioned the head piece, and pinned in place and hot glued down, with a pinch in the forehead, and ears flipped upward.

Then I just began gluing rows of silk autumn leaves in a shield shape across the chest and layering them like shingles. I cut a piece of the orange foam into a triangle for the beak and took some yellow acrylic paint and wiped some across the beak to slightly highlight the color. I took the pigment ink stamp and inked the edges for some finish. I pinned/glued this in place, slightly curled to look realistic.

Then I cut out two wings from the remaining brown foam sheet, also looking at templates on Google Images and just sorta "winged" it. (Pun intended LOL).  I didn't want to leave the wings plain brown foam and wasn't sure what to do…then it hit me - to use up the rest of my leaves…but I wanted a contrasting color - so I took my Pigment Ink stamp pad and stamped onto the leaves and rubbed them across the pad, until they became aged/brown/rusty looking. I just arranged and glued them onto the leaves…and then angled the wings the way I thought they looked best and pinned/glued them into place with a bit of a pucker to get them to stand out.  Lastly I cut out two little feet, edged the toes with the pigment ink stamp and pinned/glued into place, and then made the eyes with white card stock paper and a sharpie and glued into place.

I wish now that I'd used one of those artificial craft pumpkins so I could have this guy for next year - without having to disassemble or toss him when the real live pumpkin begins to rot. I think I will carefully disassemble him and do that with a sale plastic/resin pumpkin next week.

Owl Pumpkin © 2012 RetroGirl

Owl Pumpkin © 2012 Retrogirl

Would love to see your fun pumpkin designs! Leave a comment with a link to your pumpkins and fun autumn or halloween crafts!


Mom In The USA said...

That is awesome! I couldn't craft a wet paper towel if I wanted to. Thank you. I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms. Thanks for the post.


Frugal in WV said...

That is adorable! I love craft projects, yours looks great :) I saw your post on bloggy moms and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts :) You can find me at


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