Happy ChristmOWeen!

Happy ChristmOWeen y'all!  Really….Really?! It's bad enough that for well over a month now most stores have had their Halloween/Harvest aisles right next to or even facing the Christmas aisle….but a certain BullsEye logo'd store has started playing Christmas commercials on TV.  Really?! Come on people! Stop shoving the holidays down our throats! 

We are SO not ready for Christmas at my house. We are barely ready for Trick or Treat!  Sheesh. At this rate, they'll have Valentines Day decorations up next month and Easter candy out by January. 

We recently moved…and are finally settling in and just starting to enjoy a few fall festivals. We haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet or to any apple orchards. Looks like we need to hurry and do so before October gets away from us! We have been collecting leaves, baked an apple pie and decorated the inside of our house for fall/harvest. That has been about it so far. I am SO not ready to drag out all the Christmas stuff. 

What fun autumn activities have you been up to? Have you been carving pumpkins? Baking? Picking apples? Doing holiday/seasonal crafts? 

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