Happy Dog + Cornea = OUCH!


This past Sunday morning I woke up and just lie in bed talking with my hubby, relishing a rare moment  to relax before our 4 year old son started bouncing off the walls as usual.  Our 75 pound lovely puppy Lucie bounded over and jumped up on the bed and wedged herself between us to give us a round of sloppy dog kisses. How sweet.

Until Lucie became a bit excited and decided that kisses and a few pats weren't enough. She pawed at me so I would continue petting and loving on her - and POW. She pawed at me again, making direct contact with my eyeball with her pads and claws. OUCH!!!!! I could feel the roughness of her toe-pads and her claw drag right across the front surface of my eye. It was one of the weirdest and most painful sensations I think I've felt.

I felt like there was debris in my eye and immediately my vision in my right eye was just about  null. Everything was a white blur. I went into the bathroom, thinking I had something in my eye from her paw -- perhaps a hair, dirt, or a piece of grass. I rinsed my eye out carefully and looked into the mirror. What I saw (with my good eye) was confusing and then horrifying. I saw a clear gelatinous mass at the 12 o'clock position on my eye. It appeared that my cornea was torn and flipped back! UGH! I rinsed my eye carefully and then quickly showered and got dressed. I had my hubby take me to the urgent care center up the road.

The ER doctor put numbing drops in my eye and then fluoresce so that he could see where the damage was. He confirmed that yes - that was my cornea flipped up….it had since lay back down, but that I had a scratch at 12 o'clock position on my eye and a large contusion from 10 o'clock over to 4 o'clock. He took me to the mirror with a blue laser pen - and showed me what it looked like. I wish I had a photograph.  Imagine an exclamation point at 12 o'clock position - and then a half moon below it. Ugh!

My vision would be bad for several days at least, he said. He gave me antibiotic eye drops, pain medications and a hideous rather attractive eye patch to wear. The good news, he said, was that the cornea regenerates itself and heals fairly quickly in most cases. He said no computer for a couple days, no driving and no contact lenses for a week. He asked me to look at an eye chart. I could read most of it with my good left eye. However with the right, injured eye, it looked like I was facing a giant blurry white wall. I couldn't even see a poster let alone the doctor standing near it. I was almost blinded that morning. How horrifying.

He had me come back the next morning, on Monday. Twenty-four hours later, my eye still hurt like crazy, but I was beginning to regain my vision. But it was very blurry. He looked at it and said he felt that within 4 days my sight would come back, things would get better and it would heal. I could drive in a day or so if I felt I could judge depth and distance okay.

Tuesday I had to return to work. I now work from home for my company, and had to log on and try to catch up from being off Monday. By the time I'd worked about 4 hours - my eye was burning and my blurred vision was worse. Unfortunately with hubby gone for the day on business, I was forced to pick my son up from school all by myself. I was a bit nervous but made it there and back home safely.

This morning, Wednesday my vision is still pretty blurry. My left eye is strained I guess from over-compensating and my right is struggling to heal. The doc said I didn't need to return unless I have further problems after about a week. I will probably contact my regular eye doctor and schedule a follow up to be safe. I am praying my vision starts to get better soon. My job is so hectic and I rely on being able to be on computer for at least 6 hours per day.

Have you ever had a scratched or torn cornea? How long did it take to heal?  What scares me the most is my ex husband had a piece of metal get in his eye. After they removed it and the spot healed - it left scar tissue that was bad enough that it obstructed his vision. He wound up having to have a cornea transplant to correct it. After having the transplant he had to begin wearing glasses (which he never did previous to the accident) and always had problems with his vision afterward. My eyes were already bad - I wear about a 7.25 diopter lens in contacts (poor vision!) I pray that this just heals and my vision goes back to what it was, with no scar tissue or no further problems.  YIKES.

We don't realize how much we rely on our eyes until there's a problem with our vision. Or how much we live on computers and with technology until we can't access or can't SEE them! *SIGH*

It seems like it is always something….always some challenge, something bad happening, or some major problem.  Once again, I feel like SchlepRock - that poor unfortunate cartoon character who always had bad luck and his own black cloud, complete with lightning.

Or would it be more accurate to say I feel like Mr. Magoo?? Remember the lovable old guy who was so blind - he was always involved in near-miss accidents? LOL.  That's a little bit how I feel right now. Hopefully that will change very soon!

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