Industrial Caster Wheel Photo Display & Recent Vintage Finds !!

Like many of you out there, I am addicted to Pinterest!  I have found such inspiration for recycling, repurposing, art journaling and adding to my collection of antiques and fabulous vintage home decor items. 

I recently found this Pin that someone posted, from Mamie Jane's blog, showing a Caster wheel photo paperweight that Mamie created. I decided to make one of my own. 

I found 3 cast iron swivel caster wheels for sale on Ebay - for 99 cents! (I paid more in shipping due to the weight, but was still a deal for these awesome wheels).  I created the photo booth strips at http://photoboother.com  and printed them in sepia tones on 85 lb heavy paper. I used pigment ink on the edges. I sanded only the wheel surface of the caster wheel. I didn't clean or really do anything to any other part of it - I wanted all the rust in tact, heheh!

I then applied matte mod podge and applied the photo strips and sealed with more mod podge. The rust came through the photo paper slightly in areas, which made it look even more fabulous.  Unlike Mamie, I did not bolt my wheel to a block of wood. I just left it as is. This one is in my husband's office at work and he has gotten tons of questions and compliments on it.

Now I have 2 more…and now to decide what photos I want to put on them. I may do some sort of base for these, and use as book ends for the library shelves in my home office.

I am always on the lookout for cool vintage items to use in my home decor. I am especially partial to 1950's furnishings but I am starting to incorporate other vintage items and vintage styled-items as well. Below are some new items I've added to my collection recently:

Hallway Table - Reproduction of industrial storage cabinet. Vintage Globe, books, cast iron bird statues, 1950s inspired lamps, Vintage ashtray stand (Display only! No Smoking here!) In background - restored vintage 1960s office chair

More vintage books, vintage rotary dial phone

Vintage suitcase used for display/storage

Vintage style robot toys for my office

Vintage silver 1950s clutch purse and matching gloves (Just like my mom used to have!)

Vintage Santa Tray

Vintage metal toy phone

Carton of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments

Have you made any cool projects from Pinterest?  What do you collect? I would love to see - leave a comment with links to any recent projects you've completed or your fabulous finds!

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