A Freak Incident…and Another Greatest Day Ever!!!

We had a lovely Christmas this year. We really enjoyed our travel to Canada and Cincinnati to visit our families. Our son did okay, all things considered. We ate good food, had wonderful company and enjoyed a nice holiday away from home and work.

One part we didn't enjoy, however, was having the drivers side window in my 2010 Nissan Rogue suddenly, randomly explode as my hubby drove us 60 miles an hour down the highway somewhere in Michigan, on the way to Cincinnati. Out of nowhere, we heard this loud explosion sound - and for a second it was as if everything were in slow motion - I looked over and heard the sound of air and then the drivers door glass just blew into the car, spraying my husband, myself and the front of the car full of glass!! 

Fortunately, he is the calm one in our family….he pulled over safely on a wide shoulder while we gathered our wits and assessed the situation. Thank God he was wearing sunglasses - so his eyes were protected. No one was hurt thankfully. Our little 4 year old son, who normally chatters non-stop, was speechless. He whimpered and asked what happened. I turned and saw sparkles of tiny particles of glass on his jacket as he sat in his carseat. I told him not to move - to wait until Daddy got him out and got the glass off of him safely. For once, he actually listened. Hubby got a spare pair of leather gloves out and scooped glass out of the car and into a bag, and brushed it out of the seat, off of the steering wheel and console, while our son and I shook out our jackets, scarves, and helped brush it out of the leather seats carefully. 

It was Sunday, December 23rd and we were in an unfamiliar town. We decided to drive on a bit to the next exit and find a place to get plastic for the window and call our insurance. We drove with the heat full blast and despite the broken out window we stayed fairly warm in the 30 degree weather. We found a hardware store and bought duct tape and heavy clear plastic sheeting and were able to fashion a clear plastic temporary window. (I felt like Steve Martin in Trains, Planes and Automobiles - with a junky torn up car LOL. Or Chris Farley in Tommy Boy) We looked like the redneck family. But at least it was warm and dry and we could continue on our holiday travels to my parents' place.

I have $500 deductible on my comprehensive coverage - so Merry Christmas - we'd get to pay for the window ourselves! We found out we would not be able to get it fixed until we made it back home, after Christmas, so we'd have to drive with our "fake window" for a few days. Oh Joy. Not! The window would cost between $250-$300 we were told when we called around. Lovely. Meanwhile I did a google search about this sudden glass explosion. We just knew it had not been a rock flying up from the pavement - it was much too loud, and exploding. We've had rocks hit the windshield before and this was much worse, louder than that. Turns out A LOT of people had windows just randomly shatter or explode in Nissan Rogues from model years 2008 on up, both in parked cars and while driving. I read in several instances that Nissan said the warranty would not cover it and they would do nothing. What a bunch of crap. Thank god my son was not injured! 

When we got home, we ended up paying $205 to replace the window. The more I thought about what happened and what I had read online in various vehicle issue forums, and consumer complaint pages - I told hubby I was not comfortable driving this vehicle anymore. I worried that another window would break…even though this was a freak thing and who knows …I just didn't want to take any chances when driving around with my precious child.

I had a Mini Cooper before and LOVED it. Never had a lick of trouble. It was the cutest, most gas efficient and fun car to drive that I've ever owned. I traded it a couple years ago when it became difficult to get my son in and out of the back seat of the 2 door coupe to/from his carseat. It was so hard to say goodbye to my favorite car (Read old blog post about that HERE). But it was necessary. Now that my son is 4.5 years old and can climb in/out of the carseat with little help - I told hubby I wanted a Mini again. He agreed. So off to the Mini dealer we went.

I knew another Mini 2 door was impractical still at this point, so I test drove the Mini Clubman and the new Mini Countryman SUV.  The Clubman, an extended Mini coupe, had a 3rd door and extended wheelbase. It had more room…but I still had to climb into the backseat to fasten the seatbelt - which would be hard. So I chose the Countryman "S". I LOVE IT !!! I was able to get another red one, and get the checkerboard side mirrors again. It's the perfect vehicle for a Mini lover, who still needs to haul kids and stuff around. It's fast, and has all the awesome features of a Mini Cooper. I can't say enough good about it. I highly recommend Mini Coopers. You change the oil once a year, and save a ton on gas. They are fun to drive, safe with 6 airbags, and are low cost to insure. 

I always said the day I bought my first Mini Cooper was "The Greatest Day Ever"…..I used to tease my hubby about this…and he'd say "and it wasn't the day we married???"" and we'd laugh. Well it's very high on my Greatest Day Ever list….. 

2012 Mini Cooper - Countryman S. 

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