Fun ways to get your Sensory kiddo In-Sync - A Review of In-Sync Activity Cards

In Sync Activity Cards - 50 Simple, New Activities to Help Children Develop, Learn and Grow! By Joye Newman, MA and Carol Kranowitz, MA - the authors of Growing an In-Sync Child. 

I received a set of these cards from Sensory World, an imprint of Future Horizons, a world leader in resources for Autism, Asperger's and Sensory Issues since 1996. As one of their blog reviewers for their national blog review team, they asked me to take a look at this set of cards and try them with my child.

My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) almost 2 years ago. We are always looking for ways to provide sensory input and to help him self-regulate despite his sensory differences and daily challenges.

This set of cards was created by the authors of Growing an In-Sync Child - Joye Newman, MA and Carol Kranowitz, MA. Carol is also the co-author of The Out of Sync Child, and author of The Out of Sync Child has Fun. They created these cards to help children to grow, to learn and develop important skills for work and play, as well as to benefit from the sensory input they need and just plain have fun! These cards are a great tool for parents and teachers alike. 

The Cards
The cards are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced activities. They have an activity on one side, with:
  • An easy to understand illustration.
  • A list of what you will need, if anything.
  • What you do to complete the activity. 
On the other side of the card, it tells:

  • The ways that this activity helps your child develop and enhance their skills. For example:
    • Auditory Processing, Proprioception, Spatial Awareness, Visual Processing, Motor Planning, Body Awareness, to name a few.
  • What to look for 
    • To see if your child understands and is able to properly perform the activity.
  • Ways to make it more challenging
    •  Perhaps for older or more advanced kids?

For example, see the card below - Hold Up the Wall. This is a beginner card, one my son likes to do sometimes. We pretend there is a monster trying to knock down the walls - and we are pushing and holding them up. This is one of the easy activities that makes this set of cards portable. Some of the activities do not require supplies or props and can be done anywhere. (click to enlarge the photos).

However, some of the activities do require a few supplies or props, such as a deck of cards, tennis ball, crayons and paper, mini trampoline, length of string or elastic, paper plate --- these are many things found in the classroom or home. Either way,  it is very easy and fun to do the activities with your child.  I think these cards would be great for a daycare center, preschool, elementary classroom or just for fun sensory play at home. They can be used with all children really - those with and without sensory challenges.

So far, my son who is now 4.5, enjoys mostly the beginner cards. We've done a few of the intermediate ones. We are still working our way through the stack. I may buy a second set and give them to his preschool/daycare teacher  - I think they would enjoy doing these activities together. I look forward to working our way through the deck and seeing which are my son's favorites.

What another great resource from Sensory World! You can purchase these cards on their website here and learn more about the other great tools and products they offer.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary set of these In Sync Cards as part of the Future Horizons' online National Reviewing Network Blogging Team - in exchange for sharing my honest personal opinions and for helping spread awareness about resources available for families with children struggling with SPD, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.

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