It's a Girl!!

We adopted another little girl this weekend…..a girl puppy that is!  We already have one adult dog, our 8 year old sweet Lucie, who is a Border Collie/Lab mix but we decided she needs a sister. We aren't able to add a human child to the family right now so we decided a furry daughter would be a great addition.

If you've read my blog for a while or in the past you may remember we had adopted another puppy, Rocket, about a year ago. Unfortunately Rocket was not a match for our family. He was with us about 2 months and just became very aggressive, nipping and snapping at all of us and Lucie. No matter what training tactics we tried, he would not stop. With a preschooler, we just couldn't risk having a dog biting or attacking so we unfortunately had to re-home poor little Rocket. He went to live with a single mom and her 17 year old son, who had a lot of experience with rescue dogs.

Anyway….our new little one is Zoey, an 8 week old pup from a nearby shelter. The mother was taken in a few months ago, pregnant and she'd given birth to 6 pups. They had her listed as a husky/hound mix. The puppies were being adopted quickly - they were so cute. We got "Brooklyn" and renamed her  Zoey…She almost looks like a tiny chocolate lab mix.

Zoey is very good natured, very loving and sweet. She and Lucie are getting along really nicely.  She has so much fun chasing our son in the back yard. I think she will be very happy here. We sure are happy to have her!

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