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I used to do a lot of art journaling before we adopted our son. (I also blogged regularly…witty, funny anecdotes and observations as documented the events of our life in the Chicago suburbs….) I worked part time and had 2 weekdays off. It was lovely...I used to clean, organize, do laundry and meal planning one of those days and the other was spent doing nothing but creative, fun stuff. Ahh I miss those days! I used to dabble in mixed media, collage, and also do my own style of junk journal/scrap-journal books, using some artists sketch/paint books, and cheap composition journals.

© - Retrogirl

© Retrogirl

I went back to work part-time (5 days a week) after a year of staying home with the baby and so my art stuff sat, covered in dust for the last few years.  A lot has happened in the last 3 years - I've just been too busy with raising my son, working, and dealing with his Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). No time for art or creative outlet for me.

Then last year, my husband lost his job of 20 years and found a new one, miraculously within a couple months--in a new state. With the transition of staying in a hotel for a month, then moving and trying to sell our old home and me still working - but remotely from wherever we were - I turned to my composition journal for some stress relief and to document some of the things going on.

Instead of gesso and paint, collage bits….I began doing some quick pages, gluing in bits of ephemera from our daily life and travels, with an occasional photo, and some bits and scraps of scrapbook paper from my little "traveling journal kid" that I made from my stash. I was doing this in my own cheap notebooks, until I saw K & Co. Smash books at Michaels about a year ago.  What? Someone is making the book for you with printed papers, themes and all you  have to do is glue in your bits? This is what I've been doing all along. I even made a few "junk journals" or books with cardboard/chipboard sheets from used food boxes, chipboard scraps and scrapbook paper from my stash. Smash books looked pretty cool since the ground work is done already for you. Smash books appear to be for those who aren't really scrapbookers or art journalers, but maybe find themselves somewhere in between. Well, with my hectic life - this was perfect. I could do this on the go, very easily and still get some stress relief and creative outlet whenever I had time.

Now a year later, I'm hooked. I have a stash of washi tape, scrap embellishments, journal cards, a new Fuji Instax instant camera for those quick, impromptu Saturday treks to undiscovered junk shops, outings with our son and other events, travels. I try to take at least an hour every other night for smashing. I am starting to do some scrapping again…and bought some artist canvases at the last big sale I hit at Michaels…hope to soon get back to doing some mixed media work (maybe outdoors on the patio this spring/summer while my son plays in the backyard.)

© - Retrogirl

©- Retrogirl

Finally - a little time for me. Even if it is Smash and Run…!

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