Bicycle Love !!

Spring sure is taking its sweet time arriving this year!  We have had roller coaster weather lately - one day in the 20s with high winds and 45 degrees and sunny the next, and even a few 50+ degree nice days.

It was sunny and feeling nice yesterday. The feel of spring motivated me to do something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I have talked about selling my old Trek mountain bike for some time. It is one that was a gift from a relative of my ex, who owned a high end bike shop.  It really didn't have a lot of miles on it but I just really never liked it much. So, I sold it to a local bike shop and took the money and went and bought myself something a bit more my style.  

It's the Panama Jack Cruiser by Huffy. I fell in love with it! It is so retro and so cute. It's a manual bike, with old school manual brakes (aka your feet, and the pedal). The details are so awesome - the faux woodgrain handle grips, the cup holder, pouch to carry stuff, and the rack on the back. Love the tropical floral accents, the white wall tires and the old school seat.  It rides like a charm!

I went bike riding with my 4.5 year old son yesterday for the first time. It was so much fun, and such an amazing feeling! Before, he would ride his little bike on the sidewalk out front and I would just walk beside him. But he is now getting really fast and I'm starting to be able to trust him more. (With SPD and ADHD he is very impulsive and will sometimes do inappropriate things - like suddenly dart into the street or be standing there one second and the next - running away as fast as lightning so you have to be on your toes).  

It was a joy to get out and enjoy the 45 degree weather with my son and get some exercise. This is just the beginning. I see a great summer ahead of us! We are also putting in an above ground pool this year, so between the bikes and the pool, I think we will have lots of fun and get a lot of exercise.

Incidentally….our spring fling was short lived….no bike riding today. I feel like I'm coming down with bronchitis again and we are being hit with a freak snowstorm that is supposed to go all day today and end tomorrow with somewhere near a foot of snow. WTH?!! March is supposed to be warm, we have perennials starting to peek through the mulch…Where is spring?!

Hurry Mother Nature -- take some Midol and get over it already!! We want SPRING. 50 degrees, sunshine, flowers, BIKE RIDING!!


Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

I've really been wanting one of these are the new old school Schwin bikes. I know you and your son are going to enjoy many bike rides. I love the wood grain look on it.

Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

martin said...

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Best, Martin


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