On our 4th Family Day: "13 Things I want for you, My Son"

On this day, 4 years ago, my husband and I arrived home from Seoul, S. Korea….exhausted from the 14 hour flight, the time change and the trip of a lifetime.  We brought home our first and only child thanks to the blessing of adoption!

I can hardly believe 4 years has flown by. It seems like yesterday they placed my son in my arms and I fell in love with this precious little one. So much has happened since we became a family. Our son has grown so much, overcome so many challenges and has become a strong, healthy little man.

Our little guy is super intelligent - advanced for 4.5 years old we have been told. He is starting to read, doing basic addition and subtraction, is very mechanically inclined and quick witted. He loves music, singing and dancing, (Psy's Gangnam Style and LMFAO Party Rock are his favorites ha ha!) , loves computers, legos, riding his bike and playing at the park.  He struggles with sensory issues, and some social cues, but he always makes friends easily despite those challenges and always makes people laugh and smile. All in all - he is the light of my life and the biggest blessing ever.

Happy 4 years home to my little buddy…you made us a family and make me a proud mama every single day.


Below is something I posted in April 2010, when my son was home from Korea just a year.  I recently came across this again and wanted to share it again today, since it's such a special day for my family.  This was written before my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD….which makes it a bit more special to me,  knowing what I know now about the challenges he faces. 

This was a "Thursday Thirteen" Meme (I'm not sure if they're still doing these?) Anyway…here it is

Just some random thoughts today, as I sit and watch my little boy play. He is almost 2 years old but sometimes when I see the look of wonder and determination on his little face, I get a glimpse of the young man he will some day become. My eyes mist over, my heart swells and I think of all the things I want him to experience, all the things I want for him in life.

So for Thursday Thirteen---
I came up with
13 Things I Want For You, My Son

  1. To know the unconditional bond of true friendship.
  2. To experience the angst and joy of first love and the pain of first heartbreak.
  3. To feel really small when you appreciate the enormity of the ocean, the Grand Canyon and our world. Marvel at God's creations and praise Him.
  4. To learn the sting of humility when you fail or make a mistake - but never give up, always give it your best shot.
  5. To be honest, be compassionate and giving, even when no one notices.
  6. To be kind, polite and loving. Be gentle and respectful with others, especially women, your elders and animals.
  7. To not be afraid to take risks, to try new things, to travel to unfamiliar places.
  8. To stand up for what you believe in. Even if sometimes it means you stand alone.
  9. To appreciate that you are different. You are God's unique, amazing, beautiful work of art. Embrace your individuality. Appreciate and tolerate this in others, too.
  10. To set goals and work hard for them. But take time to rest and play and to savor the little things in life and precious time with loved ones.
  11. To find your soulmate and share all of life's adventures with them.
  12. To learn about your history, your culture and to visit your country of birth*. To know that you were and are so wanted and so loved and we are a forever family.
  13. To know the joy, pain, pride, fears and ultimate love of being a parent. To hold an infant in your arms and know instantly that you would give your life to protect this tiny creature.

*Our precious son was adopted at 10 months old from S. Korea.

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