Let's Kick Off Summer & The Cook Out Season!!

Ahh good old summertime! Put on those flip flops and your sunglasses and let's get grillin' and chillin'! I am ALL about outdoor living and enjoying fun summer times with good company and good food.  With all the graduation festivities, summer birthdays and Father's Day coming this weekend,  it's a great time to be outside with your family and friends for a great American cookout.

I was super psyched when I got picked for the BzzAgent Fresh Squeezed Summer campaign with the Kroger family of stores! My husband recently put in an above ground pool and built a deck for it and my family came to visit recently to help with the finishing touches. What better time to have a family BBQ?

Kroger stores have everything you need to feed your family great food at a great price. In our new suburb, we shop at Pay-Less, one of several stores in the Kroger family. To me it basically is a Kroger store, since they have Kroger brands and the Plus card, etc. When we moved here, I was SO glad to find one of the Kroger stores. I grew up with Kroger's in Cincinnati and also shopped there for years in KY. But when we moved to Chicagoland - no such luck. So this is just another thing that is helping me feel more at home in our new place!

Kroger has all the great foods for cookouts, parties, road trips or picnics. Some of the great food products they have that are perfect for this are:
  • 100% Ground Seasoned Turkey and Ground Beef burgers. These are frozen patties, ready to put on the grill. The beef patties come in a variety of lean offerings. They have regular sized burgers and now have ground beef sliders!
  • New Slider buns - perfect for mini burgers. They come in whole wheat and honey.
  • Kroger Brand Potato Chips - original or Cheddar & Sour Cream Ripple Chips.
  • Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream - great flavors like S'Mores, Butter Toffee, Snicker doodle, and many others.
  • Big K Soft Drinks - Cost less than name brands and taste great. Try the Orange Cream Soda, Vanilla Cream, Peach and Diet Blackberry among other traditional flavors.

I received coupons to try some of these products for free - as a BzzAgent so this was great for the cookout we wanted to have for our visiting family. The Slider burgers must be really popular - they were out of them at my store. So we got the Extra Lean Ground Beef burgers, Whole Wheat buns, The Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips, Big K Diet Root Beer as requested by the guys, and I didn't see the S'mores flavor Deluxe ice cream so we got the Triple Brownie flavor instead.  We had plenty of food to feed the whole gang. Everyone loved the food, especially the burgers! They were so juicy and tasty! 

I really hope to get some of the slider burgers and buns next time we go to Krogers. I think they would be great to do with a Toppings Bar - where we can make a variety of burger styles to suit everyone's tastes. 

Some feedback given by our guests - "These buns were soft and tasty!", "I like the chips - they're really crispy and cheesy", "I never tried Big K soda before - This Root Beer tastes as good as a major brand".  The prices for these products are very reasonable. 

Check out your local Kroger's, Pay-Less or one of their other great stores listed above for the great summer foods for your next party or cookout!

Disclosure: I received coupons for full sized samples of the Kroger brand products mentioned above, to try at a family BBQ in exchange for our opinion and for sharing information and my results with readers. I was not required to give a positive review, nor was I paid for my review.  Individual results may vary, please check food product labels for nutritional information and potential allergens that may affect you personally. Any questions about the products may be directed to the Kroger Company

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