Starting to Feel at Home....Finally

I am finally feeling like our new place is becoming home. I think finally, after a year of living in the new house, and having a local job outside the home - I am starting to feel like I belong here….or exist here.  At least more so than I did when I worked from home. I felt like a hermit. An invisible citizen.

I still only know a few people, and unfortunately we haven't been able to attend church on a regular basis, or become involved in the community because of my son's issues. He has been diagnosed and is being treated for SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD and while he is doing better than he has in some time, thanks to an amazing nurse practitioner and doctors, he still has some issues that cause him social anxieties and trouble with new situations and people. He will be going through some further evaluations this summer, but for the most part - he's doing well at school and at home lately. Our next big challenge will be when he enters kindergarden this fall. He has an IEP in place and an amazing staff at the school is ready for him and ready to help him be successful however they can. We are blessed on this front.

Any old hoo, things are going fairly well despite that. I am still working part time but feel I am among the living. We have been fixing up the house the way that we want, and adding some new vintage stuff to my collection. This is one thing my son enjoys doing with us most of the time, going picking and hunting at flea markets, vintage fairs and antique stores. We give him a list of odd things to find and he enjoys the hunt.

We actually went to Sanibel Island FL for the first time in 7 years as a couple, and first time as a family with our son. He really enjoyed the low-key beach and we had a nice 5 day vacation. Will post some pictures later in a separate post. You can actually see my photo feed at Instagram - I've been posting a lot there of vacation, daily life and my vintage/antique collections.

I have gotten my "junque garden" started at this new house and have been enjoying nice weather for hanging out and relaxing there. Some photos are below.

My husband got a bonus at work and decided to put in a pool. Yeah, lol we felt a little like the Griswolds, and waited until we were absolutely sure it was coming through - and NOT the jelly of the month club. We don't have quite as large of a backyard as we did back in the Chicago 'burbs, and it is a bit sloped, so we went with an above ground pool that is good for a family of 3.  He built a nice deck for it and it turned out really great. We just need to finish landscaping around all of it, and stain/seal the deck. I really like the solar-lights on the posts.

It hasn't been really warm enough consistently to swim much yet. We have been having so much rain, and cool temps overnight that the water has still been a bit chilly. I've been in the pool once so far. I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures and getting to swim more often. The pool also makes this house seem more like home - because we had a pool back in Kentucky (BC - Before Child) and really enjoyed it.

Our son will be turning 5 this Saturday.  I absolutely cannot believe the tiny baby boy we adopted not so long ago - is now going to be 5 years old already!!! Wow.  We will have his party at the local park, and have a cookout and play at their huge playground. This is something he enjoys and will be much easier to deal with 20 preschoolers - and not have the worry of someone getting hurt on our property with this new pool.

So, that's the kickoff to our summer. Lots more fun to be had. Stick around - hoping to post a bit more about life here in our new suburb...and more reviews/giveaways in the near future as well - as that is always fun to share.

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