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My son is a big snacker. He's a growing 5 year old and is very active. He loves swimming, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline and is in constant motion. (See below).

This means my son is constantly hungry. His metabolism is super high and he needs a constant supply of "fuel".  Because he has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) I try to make sure his diet consists mainly of organic and whole foods. He is very sensitive to artificial dyes and additives. He eats a lot of fruit, veggies, and organic snacks. We are always on the search for new choices as he often grows bored with the same snacks over and over. Because we are always on the go, portability is also important to us.

I was recently introduced to YummyHealth Snacks. We were excited to get an opportunity to try some of their snacks, and my son really enjoyed them.  YummyHealth is a company that was started by a mom, Lisa Goldbaum, who much like me, was fed up with all the junk food being marketed to kids. She wanted to offer her kids healthy, tasty snacks. In her search, she found that most so-called healthy snacks contained as much sugar and processed starch as other commercial products. So, she set out to create her own. She created YummySwaps - Snack chips that are made from real cheese, and bars that have wholesome ingredients.

We tried the Chocolate Blast snack bars and the YummySwaps Chips. The bars contain ingredients such as coconut, cocoa, and flax seed.  The chips come in 3 flavors - Cheddar, Nacho and Pizza flavor. My favorite were the Cheddar. My son's favorite was the pizza. Nacho was pretty good too. These chips are unique - they are made of 99% real cheese. The other 1% is the natural seasonings. They contain no artificial colors, no wheat corn or potatoes. Both products are free of gluten, hydrogenated oils,  trans fats, artificial colors, flavors and free of preservatives. 

They were delicious. Our snacks arrived on a hot day, and the bars were a bit melty, so we put them in the freezer for a bit. They were super tasty and delightfully chewy when cold! (My son is a chewer with the SPD/sensory seeking - and this proved to be good oral-motor input having the firm/chewy cold bar! I will definitely do this again).  

The chips were light and crispy and pretty tasty. You can eat them right out of the bag, or they would be great on a salad - I think. They have 0 sugars, and have 5 grams of protein and are loaded with calcium.  I think these snacks are great for back to school lunchbox items.

I had pictures of the snacks but due to a computer crash - I regret that I lost my original photos of the snacks in and out of their packaging. My apologies.

YummyHealth also makes natural soft drinks - (we did not receive any but I believe I have seen them in Kroger's, Whole Foods, and our local small organic food store).  Since my son is only 5 - we are not really introducing him to any carbonated beverages at this time.

I give YummyHealth a thumbs up for quick, portable, tasty and healthy snacks. The company is fairly new so at this time you can buy the bars and chips online at their website. You can purchase variety packs of chips and do a "subscription" to receive them every 3, 6 or 12 months.  I am hoping that these will soon be available at local stores. I have seen the soft drinks, as mentioned above, in local stores, however.

You can learn more about YummyHealth at their Facebook page, Lisa's blog, Pinterest or Twitter.

Disclosure: I received full sized samples of YummyHealth snacks in exchange for our opinion and for sharing information and my results with readers. I was not required to give a positive review, nor was I paid for my review.  Individual results may vary, please check food product labels for nutritional information and potential allergens that may affect you personally. Any questions about the products may be directed to the company.

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