Kindergarten?! I'm not ready for this?!!!

I am convinced that aliens abducted my precious baby boy….and replaced him with this huge 45 pound eating machine that is now off to Kindergarten!  This big boy is reading, doing basic addition/subtraction, can count well over 100, and count to 10 in Spanish and French…Sometimes I think he has an eidetic memory (i.e.: Sheldon Cooper jr. here!)

Yesterday was his first day of big boy school!! He rode the bus…and as you can see, he was a bit nervous but he was looking forward to it. I got misty eyed as I hugged him and waved goodbye. It seems like just yesterday we walked into the adoption agency in Seoul S. Korea and met this tiny, wiggly baby boy after praying and waiting for so long. Now he has the vocabulary of a 7 year old, and does daring flips on his trampoline and is ready to go off and become a little scientist.

He was sad that he couldn't take his precious lovey - his stuffed beanie ball "Pinkie" with him to school. I promised him that Pinkie would help me bake him a cake for his first day…he didn't believe me until I showed him the picture of Pinkie frosting the triple chocolate cake….hahahaha! He got a real kick out of this!

I quit my job recently - so I can be home whenever my son needs, to go along on field trips, be here when the school is on break or closed. It became such a struggle to get off work whenever he had a sensory meltdown  at daycare/preschool and to  make up time or make up the heavy workload - we just decided it's not worth it. Especially when public schools are closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday, spring break week, Thanksgiving break, 3 months in the summer, and whenever a snow flake falls….so I quit!

I plan on opening an online Etsy shop for vintage/resale items, hopefully blogging more, and just being there for my family a lot more than I have been able to do when I worked.  So back to SAHM' hood for me!

Next week the big thing on our calendar is evaluation and testing at the children's hospital neurology department for ASD - Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorders. It has been suspected for awhile that maybe he is on the very high functioning end of the spectrum and not just been SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Often some of these issues are co-morbid, meaning a child can quite possibly have multiple issues going on.  Our son is super high intelligence - scored on an IQ test in the range of a 7-8 year old - but has sensory issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, and challenges socially and coping with the world around himself sometimes. He can seem totally fine one moment and at another is doing things that are very inappropriate and sometimes very unusual because a meltdown is coming, or he is stressed over something around him and gets overloaded easily. We feel we've gotten about 90% of the way there in learning about SPD and ADHD and what we need to do for him but there has just been a piece of the puzzle missing…something still not quite right. So his doctors and we want to check this out and in case there is more we can do for him, other approaches or treatments that can make his life happier and help him learn to cope and grow into an emotionally strong and stable child.

Fortunately we have a great elementary school and school system. IJ has a great IEP in place and will get Occupational Therapy (OT) at school which will help greatly.  The staff are wonderful and are working closely with us to teach IJ to be a good school citizen and cope with his world.  I wasn't crazy about moving to a new state, but things are starting to fall in place with finding services and understanding providers, teachers for our son -- so maybe this was meant to be. We'll see….every day is certainly a new adventure in parenting!

How are your kids handling back to school?  Do your kids face any special challenges? I would love to hear from other moms of kids with sensory issues, Autism, SPD, ADHD and compare notes.

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