I QUIT ! Time to Break Out on My Own!!

I quit my job again - 2 months ago.  I finally decided with my little guy starting kindergarten that it just made sense to be home.  With his bus pickup and drop off times, as well as all the school breaks, and with appointments related to his SPD/ADHD - it would just be easier if I weren't struggling to constantly rearrange schedules, begging for time off and all the stress associated with it.  No thank you!  So, I'm DONE.  I love being home.  (Check back with me after 2 weeks of summer vacation and I'll let you know how that's going haha!)

Since I'm no longer earning a regular paycheck and have a bit more time on my hands, I decided to open an Etsy shop selling fab vintage stuff.  I am obsessed with antiques, vintage kitchen and home decor items - so this came easily to me. I regularly cruise the thrift and resale shops, garage sales, flea markets, antique malls, and estate sales. So, this was a natural progression to start an online business.  I dream of someday owning an actual brick and mortar shop….but for now, an online business fits my lifestyle just right.

Vintage, Resale & Repurposed Goods.

So far, I've been selling some great stuff! There are plenty more great things listed, and I'm constantly adding new items.  I would love it if you'd check it out and perhaps tell a friend!

See the logo and link above.  I am also on Facebook at https://facebook.com/SixthStreetMarket
and Instagram at @SixthStreetMarket and @Retrogirl66

Some of the items in the shop now are Vintage Pyrex, Vintage Fire King bowls, Vintage Repogle Globe, Vintage Camera, Vintage Glassware & Barware. You should really check it out!

I have some great kitchen items that will make fab holiday gifts, and some that will add fab vintage flair to your Thanksgiving dinner!

Just a few of the fab kitschy vintage retro items below…so much more - so please visit me at ETSY!

Thanks for checking it out!!

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

Since I'm fuloughed and my husband is on disability I'm working on re-filling my Etsy shop too! Fun stuff in your shop :)


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