Snow Flurries? Look Out the Window Again Mr. Weatherman

We were supposed to have a few flurries today….

Hate to tell the weatherman, but pssst--look out your window. We're having a freaking blizzard!

 We already have 2" of snow, and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing or stopping.  It's become a total white out since I took this photo a few minutes ago.  Just heard they are closing a portion of the highway…..really?!   

We had a huge snowstorm a week ago - and wound up with 9" of snow and temps ranging from -25 f to -45f with wind chills. The whole town practically shut down, which was ridiculous.  Indiana is apparently afraid of snow and never does anything to prepare for it and barely maintains the roads. We had 1-2 feet of snow when we lived in Chicago and they would clean it up within 24 hours so you could at least drive. Not here….school closed for 5 more days (making my son's 2 week Christmas vacation turn into 3 LONNNNNNG weeks).  The roads were not cleaned well or at all in many places…it was horrible.  It finally got up to 45-50 degrees and all of that melted….and now here we go again!

We have THE worst weather folks on our local TV station news, and THE worst department of streets/roads here in Indiana.  Listening to the local news in the background and now they're on TV freaking out as if they had no clue this snowstorm was coming.  What happened to "few flurries"??  Ever heard of Doppler Radar? Maybe they need to check in with the folks at The Weather Channel?!

We're supposed to get blasted again Saturday with snow.  I can only shake my head and pray for spring.  I loathe winter.  I wish there was some way to convince my husband to move south….far far away from this nasty stuff!

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