Thanks Netflix….Thanks A lot. Turbo Fast Needs to Go…fast!

I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix.  We used to subscribe to the DVD-by-mail service and could pretty much see any movie we wanted. Then their prices skyrocketed and we cancelled it.  However, we kept the streaming movie service, so we could watch movies by streaming through our high speed internet connection via our smart DVD player.

That was great, until they severely limited their selection for streaming-only customers. A great majority of the movies we search for are "Not Available For Streaming" on Netflix.  The only reason we've kept it at this point is for the kids movies and shows for our son, who is now going on 6 years old.  While we can't find many of the movies he'd like to see, Netflix does have other selections he enjoys such as Batman cartoons, Ninjago, Lego Superhero shows, Word Girl, Magic School Bus, etc.

We'd taken our son to see the movie Turbo in the theaters when it was out and he really loved it.  When we learned that Netflix would be adding their series "Turbo Fast" for streaming - we were glad to let our son check it out.

That was, until I watched it with him.  I was actually very disappointed in the language and negativity of this program.   A few words I didn't like that are freely spewed in this show are:  Idiot, Poop, Booty, Fart, and Stupid. There were other words I didn't like, but didn't write them all down.  The characters say very mean things and are always fighting/negative.  I don't recall the original movie being quite this bad.

I don't know about other moms, but I don't like my son watching shows like this. Kids repeat everything they hear and I really don't want my son calling anyone an Idiot or Stupid, or using potty words.  Additionally, since my son has SPD/ADHD with obsessive tendencies he tends to memorize shows and say the dialogue from movies almost verbatim at any random time. He does it sometimes when he becomes anxious.  Knowing this, I try to keep an eye and ear open on what he is allowed to watch.  I wish I would have pre-screened this show!

I really wish Netflix would clean this up if the series is to continue.  For now, my son will have to do without Turbo Fast and stick to Word Girl or Magic School Bus.  I'm not crazy about the mild violence in the Lego and Ninjago shows but my son really likes them, so he is allowed to watch them in limited doses.

Do you screen your child's movies and TV shows before you let them watch? Or do you watch together and talk about it, and/or remove shows from their list of allowable content?

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