Annoying Imposters....

I was online checking my reach on Google yesterday, sort of an SEO follow up. I could see my Instagram account, Pinterest, Blog posts, my Etsy Shop, things I've commented on using my Retrogirl66 or Retrogirl1966 user IDs.  Pretty impressive....

I did find that there one particular other person using the Retrogirl66 nickname out there that caught my eye...interesting since I've had it on various Internet Service Providers, several email servers, blogs, major sites since the late 90's - early 2000.  Struck me as kind of odd.  Then I saw where she is listed on a christian dating site (NOT ME! Happily Married!) and I was horrified to find a very unscrupulous page with very offensive pornographic images.  It appeared that it was the same user, from somewhere in California.  Very contradictory -- on a Christian page one minute and involved in that other garbage. UGH!  I can assure readers that it is NOT me. 

I previously came to find out someone has used my blog name Surviving The Suburbs,  as well - just with the words rearranged slightly to something like How to Survive Life in the Suburbs, and another Survival of the Suburbs.  Both blogs were started well after mine.  My blog began in 2005 on this Blogger server.  Theirs were both started later 2009 and 2011.  I can't say I completely believe their blog name choices were totally by coincidence.  I guess imitation is a form of flattery....but it's also a bit aggravating.  Come up with your own original title...

I have been contemplating a blog refresh and some changes...but I will always be the one, and original Retrogirl66.  Imposters may come and go.... but I will stand by my brand, my nickname. I hate to give up Surviving the Suburbs....so we'll see.

I guess these days nothing is sacred...unless you trademark it, copyright it and sue those who infringe upon it.  It is my understanding that my published blog is copyrighted by me....So I hope these imposters will not reprint, repost or use my material without my knowledge and written permission. If they do...look out - Hell hath no fury like a pissed off redhead!

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