Date Night! Elevator Kisses & Karaoke!

This past weekend, Mr. Hottie and I had a rare treat - a Date Night.  This is rare for us because we still live in a town with no family nearby, and after almost 2 years of living here, still haven't established close friends or babysitting services.

The Dojo where our son attends karate classes was hosting a Parents' Night Out event on Saturday night. They were offering martial arts games, open gym, pizza party and a chance for parents to drop off kids and run away fast, cheering  and go enjoy a break.  Four whole blissful hours of child-free fun!  I.J. was excited to go play with the kids and eat pizza so this worked out well for us.

We started the evening off by going to a sports bar/restaurant downtown. We had really delicious food (Wings for hubby and grilled chicken for me) and great drinks.  He tried a beer from the Czech Republic

I decided to go with the Malibu Martini! I needed something a bit tropical for a bit of a virtual vacation from the nasty winter we've been having. Mmm it was vanilla vodka, malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice and a cherry. YUM!

We tried to chat about anything besides Mr. Hottie's work, and our son.  This reminded me of a recent Modern Family episode where Mitch and Cam tried to do the same on a rare date night, and they struggled.  I will admit, so did we. But once we started talking it flowed well and we had a really nice time.

We left there and still had a couple hours to ourselves and were looking for something to do.  We found this cool little Asian grill/Karaoke bar that has private karaoke rooms. They host parties for families, bachelorettes,  and the college crowd, or couples can come anytime.  We got a small private lounge for 2 and had a few more drinks and sang some of our favorite tunes and laughed and hung out.  It was just like the old days, before we had our son.  It's been a long time since we both sang, so we were a bit rusty. I'm relieved the rooms are mostly sound proof, so we were spared some embarrassment and others were spared as well. Ha ha ha! We had fun though, and the time passed pretty quick.  

On the way back to the parking garage, my husband gave me the best elevator kiss! (This was a tradition from when we first started dating - every time we would be in an elevator our rule was we would kiss passionately until the door would open.)  Whew! It's been awhile since I had a real elevator kiss and it was still as sizzling hot! Whew I needed that!! 

Our ticket was gobbled up by the machine when we tried to exit the parking garage. My heart sank - it was an unmanned booth - what now?! We needed to get back to our son in time.  I started to panic a bit....Fortunately there was a phone there at the booth and Mr. Hottie picked it up and was able to ring service and someone at the security company was able to remotely lift the gate and let us out. Free of Charge! That was nice!

We made it back to I.J. with a few minutes to spare. We got to see him run the obstacle course the Karate Master had set up - and do some pretty awesome cartwheels across the mat. He had a blast with the kids - and thankfully - had no meltdowns, no crying for mom....so all in all - a great evening for all of us.

We put our son to bed and turned in to finish up our date. *Wink* Soon we were fast asleep......

Until at midnight our son woke us up....my husband dutifully got up and returned him to bed.  Then at 2:30am our new puppy (8 month old yellow lab mix) cried and woke us up because she needed to go out to potty.  We went back to sleep and an hour later, my son woke again...and again poor hubby got up and put him back to bed and had to stay with him for 30 minutes. We finally got to sleep for good, until I.J. woke for the day Sunday morning at 6:00am. Yikes.  Oh well....no rest for the weary!

Needless to say, we were exhausted Sunday. But it was all worth it.  This rare date night definitely made a deposit in our love bank....and gave us some much needed couple time.  Life as older parents (in our 40s) of an overly-active child with mild special needs can take its toll on us sometimes.  This was a very welcomed break.  I am SO grateful to the Karate Master for hosting this.  I have since found out he plans to host these Parents' Nite Out events more in the coming year! That's great. Now to plan interesting fun things and you can bet I will make sure there's an elevator involved! Ha ha! Love those kisses!

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