Valentines Day - The Fun & Healthy Way!

I am always looking for healthier options for holiday treats for my family. Especially for my son who struggles with ADHD and SPD because I have him on a diet of organic, healthy, dye-free foods. This is sometimes a challenge, considering many holiday treats, candies and recipes include food dyes and chemical preservatives that exacerbate my son's neurological challenges.

I love Valentines Day, as does my son. It's a fun time to decorate with hearts and everything red and pink.  Red is our favorite color and our home is already vibrant with our red couch, our retro 1950s Dinette set and lots of other red items (red Kitchenaid mixer, valances on the kitchen windows, red cabinet in our living room, tea kettle on the stove, red vintage cosco stool).  However - Red Dye in food is our archenemy!

There are many great products for those seeking colorful Valentines Day treats or to bake Valentines treats that are healthy and dye free.  Below is a list of ideas for moms who are seeking healthier alternatives, below.

Natural Candy Store - They have dye-free selections, vegan choices, organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade,  and items that fit specific special diets - everything from jelly beans, gummies, lollipops, chocolate, dessert toppings, fudge, etc. They even have baking decorations that are dye free!

We purchased some of the pink candy sprinkles to make heart cookies!  You can also get natural food coloring to make colored frosting for cupcakes!

Aside from buying from Natural Candy Store online - you can find many of the candies below at Whole Foods Market, or your neighborhood natural foods stores.  Some major grocery retailers that have an organic section also carry these treats

Surf Sweets - Dye free candies, gummy hearts, etc.

UnReal Candy - Their "Unjunked" candy comes in varieties that are similar to other candy bars but without all the junk, dyes, and chemicals. We love their chocolate candies that are like M&Ms - only better. We bake organic cookies and brownies with them, too!

Nutffles - All natural candy with no dyes (However does contain Nuts - FYI, in case of nut sensitivities). They have a lovely red velvet truffle that is all natural.

How about some Nature's Path Love Crunch? - Dark chocolate and Strawberry organic granola?

Red Velvet Cake or Cupcakes are great for Valentines Day.  Here's a great blog post and recipe for a Dye Free Red Velvet Cake at WE - Wellness and Equality Bloghttp://wellnessandequality.com/tag/red-velvet-cake-with-natural-food-coloring/

Besides all the food and candy - some great ideas for fun activities and free printables for Valentines day:

Free Printable Valentines Worksheets via ABCTeach.com

Free Valentines Printables from Spoonful.com

Free Valentines Printables & Crafts from Parents Magazine

Free Valentines Coloring Sheets, Craft Printables from Raisingourkids.com

Valentines Crafts Ideas - via Pinterest

250 Valentines ideas, crafts, sensory play, activities - via Nurturestore.co.uk

Do you have any other suggestions for healthy Valentines candy, treats, or recipes you'd like to share? If so, please leave a comment with a link or info!  Thanks!

Happy Valentines Day!

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