Retro Girl's New Look!

So I have changed the blog to a new look.  Still retro, but clean and streamlined.  Am still working on the sidebar items with alignment of a few link lists...but for the most part things are ready.  May still do some tweaking here and there.

Many of the other blogs I followed over the years have either disappeared or have been forgotten by their authors. I've lost contact with many fellow bloggers who have abandoned blogging altogether. However I do still keep in touch with a few close bloggy friends on Facebook.  Much has changed in their lives and they no longer blog, but use Instagram and Facebook now.  I also am on all social media sites and can be found there, but I refuse to let Facebook kill my blog. I spent too much time documenting my life and my adoption here, our adventures, mis-adventures, heartaches, and joys. I've also shared some great products that we were fortunate enough to try and give away.

I'm determined to keep blogging. Perhaps someday I will get this blog printed into a Blurb book for my son. 

How do you like the new template?  It was designed by Kate of SweetandLovely , who I found on ETSY.  She offers super fast service, and is very helpful and friendly!  Thanks Kate!

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